Frequently asked questions

Is the project still running?

Yes the project is still running. We are at the stage of collecting information and promoting others to use INNOTOUR in their work. Users and user contributed content the foundation on which we hope to build INNOTOUR.

What is the purpose of this platform

The idea behind INNOTOUR is to create a hub where students, teachers, academics and business people interested in innovation and tourism can exchange ideas and information.
All users have access to the Innovation Tools, the Innovation Cases, the Academic Resources and the Commercial Corner. Each user type has its own portal where there are links that are relevant to it.
As a student you can access the student area.
As a teacher you can access the student area and the tutors and teachers area.
As an academic user you can access the student area, the tutors and teachers area and the academic area from the front page of INNOTOUR.
As an enterprise user you can access the enterprise area of INNOTOUR and the open areas.

How can I use and contribute to INNOTOUR?

We would be delighted if you could contribute to INNOTOUR. We really need users and user content to keep us going. Below are some ways in which you could use INNOTOUR.
All users:

  • Comment on other peoples papers that are referenced in the academic resources if you have read them.
  • Look at the cases described in Innovation cases and see if there are any that are of interest to you. Comment on them or ping back to your own blog/website.
  • Interact in the Innovation Tools. Perhaps vote on one of the Dilemma Plays or leave a comment.
  • If you know of innovative tourism business in your area you could post information about them to or ask them to contribute.
  • Add links from your site to ours if there are any cases, tools etc that are relevant to your blogs.
Academic users:
  • Add references to your academic papers to the Academic resources so that students, teachers and other academics will be made aware of them and may comment on them. You can specify a geographic location for each reference and tag the reference with keywords to make it easier to find.
Tutors and teachers:
  • Use one of the innovation cases or dilemma plays as a case study in your teaching. Have your students vote on or comment on the case study. You could also challenge your students to make their own innovation case or dilemma, to role play their way to a solution and to understand the tourism business as a supplier rather than a student. If your students create their own dilemmas we would love to hear about them and add them to the platform to see if others would solve the issue in the same way as the students suggested and to get comments from interested parties. contact us at
  • Create a conference/topic in the students forum and ask your students to comment on it and share their opinions with each other. Students from other universities will also have access to the forum and can give their opinions. Cultural and social differences will (hopefully) give rise to discussion. This exchange of viewpoints can enlighten the students, broadening their outlook from a local/national viewpoint to an international viewpoint.
  • Use the INNOWHEEL to generate a sketch of a tourism enterprise for your students and ask them to expand on the idea, perhaps including a business plan. They could upload their business idea to the Student blogs and collect comments from other students around the globe.
You could also use the Tutors and Teachers area to get ideas and support in your teaching, and to support other teachers, for example:
  • Upload your slides, tutorials, syllabi etc to the shared teaching resources. INNOTOUR supports Creative Commons licensing. You can assign a license to your uploads, such as Attribution Share Alike where others can use your resource but must reference you as the source and must allow others to use any resources they create incorporating your information similarly.
  • You could start a discussion in the forum and ask for advice, or just to share your experiences and to hear of others experiences as a teacher in tourism/innovation.
Enterprise user:
  • Tell us about your enterprise at We could add it to the Commercial corner
  • Comment on other peoples enterprises in the Commercial corner
  • Use the INNOWHEEL to get ideas for a new business
  • Use the Innovation checklists to get ideas for improving innovation in your business
  • If you have internships available for students tell us about them and we can include them in the student area to help you find the right candidate
Student user:
  • Use the student blog to reach out to other students around the globe when doing an assignment.
  • Use the student forum to share links and ideas with others, to ask others their opinions and to collect more ideas. If you would like a new category or conference on the forum, let us know at and we will add it for you.
  • Look for summer jobs and share your work experiences with others through the work and learn section.
  • Find source material for course work in the Dilemma plays , the Commercial corner and the the Innovation cases.

Why is my saved password not working?

Please do not use the "save password" function in your internet browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari). The saved passwords do not work with INNOTOURS login. Please type your password manually.

Why can't I login?

INNOTOURS login function uses "cookies" to check if a user is permitted to login or not. On public computers try deleting the browsing history if you are having trouble accessing any part of INNOTOUR. To do this press the Ctrl button, the Shift button and the Delete button at the same time. Then choose cookies from the list of things to delete (in firefox this is in the details part of the pop up window).