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[Edit]1 The Best EN Wiki

You know WIKIPEDIA? The encyclopedia where content is created, assessed and elaborated by the users? You can collaborate with other students in the same way, to work on joint assignments, to share knowledge, to organise study groups and more. All users can edit the wiki allowing instant updating of your information. No need to send group emails or to have each user work on their own copy of a file. Together you can collaborate on your text and improve it. If it is your first time using a wiki and wiki markup please read the wiki how to [1] ( or see this video on youTube [2] (

[Edit]2 Search the wiki

Enter a search word and press search.


[Edit]3 Create your own wiki page

Enter the name of your page and press the create button. Make sure that the page does not exist already.


[Edit]4 Go to the test wiki

You can try out the wiki-markup language at the test wiki page by clicking on this link

[Edit]5 Browse all entries

See a list of all titles of wiki pages here.

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