Designer mud for spa and wellness – and far beyond


“Designermudder” offers innovative skin care products to leading spa tourism enterprises and beauty parlors. The products are tailor made for different skin types, and the ingredients are often surprising – they add value to the tourism products and provide new experiences. Designermudder works with advanced tourism enterprises to develop special products. Private labels are possibilities to allow tourism enterprises to enhance their profile through systematic merchandising.

With Ruth’s Hotel in Skagen, Designermudder has developed mud masks and algae treatments. The products are for sale in the hotel boutique, and many tourists bring them home. Designermudder also works with clays in naturally bright colours. These products have a wide appeal to all users, also to children and young people, who are not traditional core customer groups in spa tourism. Thus, Designermudder attempts to think the product out of the usual spa concept. It is demonstrated that attending to the body can be an entertaining family activity.

Blackberries are ingredients in the latest mud-product. The berries are filled with antioxidants and omega 3 and fatty acids, and it regenerates cells and repairs damages from exposition to the sun. All products in the product program stem from organic plants materials, and they are free of parabens and endocrine disrupters. The scent is discrete and delicate and can be used by both men and women.

Designermudder offers to organize events for children for example in aqua domes and swim bath settings. The kids (and their parents) are invited to participate in the production of soaps, body shampoos and lip glosses.

See the full product program and contact information on Designermudder’s website.

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