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Create new experiences in your local environment with virtual gaming

Friday, December 4th, 2009

With LifePilot tourism enterprises and leisure organisations can develop and launch initiatives where new IT, GPS and mobile technology together with traditional or interactive installations motivates to entirely new activities in urban space or in nature. For instance, you can create virtual playgrounds, point-to point runs, treasure hunts, urban historic storytelling or role-playing, and you can tailor the games to your exact purposes and surroundings.


 LifePilot changes the physical settings of your neighbourhood – nature and urban space – into a scene of intriguing experiences driven by IT, GPS and mobile technology. The physical settings are supplemented by a virtual layer that creates pioneering opportunities of play, games, learning, experiences and social activities.

 The virtual layer acts as a local guide who uses the mobile to tell good stories about the area, to show exciting routes, to inform you about activities and potential fellow players nearby and to coach and guide you in all activities.

 The physical, social and virtual environment is coupled in LifePilot. It paves the way for initiatives creating new identities and using effects from the Internet and computer games to create life in the physical environment and to unfold new social structures. Mouse movements in the PC/Internet game are replaced by physical movements in the fascinating story world of the game. The digital synthetic scene is replaced by the many exciting spaces of the city and nature.

 With LifePilot you can implement your own content and ideas or you can develop routes, games and play on the basis of the generic templates that are contained in the game platform and make it easy and cheap to begin using LifePilot. You can also copy the games you develop and use them in other connections or on new locations. New features are being developed constantly providing you with even more opportunities of use with the platform.

 LifePilot puts you in a position where you can make yourself independent of the traditional tour guide or guidebook showing you around town. When you travel along the route with the mobile telephone and approach a landmark, LifePilot can introduce you to the individual landmarks in a dynamic way. Thus, the presentation pops up when you approach the location.

 See more information and contact information on LifePilot’s website at

Challenging outdoor fitness equipment

Friday, December 4th, 2009

Norwell Form Function is outdoor fitness equipment. Placed in parks and gardens, on beaches, in forests, in holiday resort areas, and on campsites, the equipment offers opportunities for tourists and locals to work ontheir health and fitness. Designs are dedicated to increase physical strength, work with balance and flexibility, and to challenge the cardiovascular system.

Norwell_web_  51

Both children and adults enjoy the equipment which is often used in new, imaginative and playful ways. That is an inspiration for further product developments by Norwell. The enterprise is in continual dialogue with its customers in order to add new features and tools.

Many property owners and authorities are keen to include fitness equipments in urban design and landscaping. They want to be part of a health trends and to commit themselves to the combat of lifestyle deceases and obesity. An attractive design and nice and durable product quality is, however, also essential. The equipment is for the body, but for the eye as well.

Norwell’s products are certified by TüV Süd Product services. For outdoor fitness equipment the test protocol combines EN1176 – Standard for play equipment and EN957 – standard for fitness studio products.

The video below demonstrates the use of the equipment.  More information can be found on Norwell’s website.