Interactive risk assessment tool

Imagine that you have been working for a long time on the development of a new tourism product or service. You are enthusiastic, because this innovation will be a breakthrough novelty, and you expect it to become the foundation of substantial earnings in the future.

However, in darker hours you feel less certain. Are you being too optimistic?

Filter your innovative project through this simple risk assessment tool. It will help you to take action. You will be able to focus on your innovation’s weaknesses and improve the probability of success.

You will be asked to consider a number of issues about production, organization, markets etc. For each issue you will have to make two assessments:

How critical is the factor for the success of your innovation?
0 is not critical -------- 4 is very critical

How likely is it that you will face problems with this factor?
0 is not likely ---------- 4 is very likely

A joint risk profile will be calculated for you. After this you can deal will individual risk factors and suggest actions to reduce the risk.