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At Madeleines you do not just eat a dinner – you participate in a show.

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

The name of this restaurant is inspired by Marcel Prousts’Remembrance of Things Pastin which a Madeleine-cake brings back memories and awakens experiences.

Madeleines is a food theater and a food lab under the same roof and with the same main goal: Serve meals in new and eventful ways.

Madeleines Food Theater experiments with food and contexts in order to present food in artistic ways to let food melt together with other artistic expressions. They reinvent the well known dinners around the dinner table and stage new dinning experiences that stimulate known and unknown sensory perceptions. To stimulate the senses and create new experiences Madeleines work with stages and staging, food habits and trends of tomorrow and multisensory meals.


The exclusive menus are also inspired by Madeleines Food Lab, where they experiment with new combinations of ingredients and different preparations, often inspired by molecular gastronomy. The Food Lab works with anything from concrete development of new food prototypes, introduction of food identities to innovation and research of food and meal experiences. They develop the trends of tomorrow where food is the basis outset and the experience being the increased value.

Learn more about Madeleines Food teater and Food Lab and be inspired by the different shows and experiences

CAN SLEEP – oversized beer cans

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

Denmark’s most beautiful Festival (Danmark’s Smukkest Festival) offers its guests a unique concept for sleeping accommodations – oversized beer cans. This concept is one of the more original interpretations of the brand spaces trend.

The Can Sleep concept is a joint venture between the festival organizers and Royal Unibrew, the second largest brewery in Denmark.  The Can Sleeps are of course shaped as a Royal Unibrew and is 3,50 m. in height and has a diameter of 2,20 m.

The Can Sleeps are decorated with furniture from IKEA, and has a table, chairs, shelves, pegs and a mirror. The upper level offers a loft-bed with skylight view through a transparent roof, which can even open right up to fulfill any guests stargazing desires.

And to complete the brand experience the Cans have a mini bar, also shaped as a Royal Unibrew beer can, which are replenished with beers/soft drinks every day.

Dåsetelt 1

 Dåsetelt 2

 Can Sleep is a great example of how creativity can create considerable brand recognition and at the same time meet the customers’ needs.

Read more about the Can Sleeps at Denmark’ most beautiful Festival

When travel booking begins with when and not where

Monday, October 26th, 2009

A Hungarian travel site, Joobili, ask their customers when they want to go on a holiday instead of where. They believe that timing is everything and think that the question of “where to go” is best answered with “when to go”. Most travel websites assume that people know where they want to go and what they want to experience. In contrast Joobili believes that offering you information on what a destination can offer in certain periods is much more valuable since destinations are constantly changing and every day brings a new experience.

Therefore they ask users when they want to schedule a trip, and then offer information about festivals, parties, sports-events and other travel-worthy happenings across Europe.

It is a new way of booking travels since their approach puts choice of activities and events before choice of destination.

Read more about the “timely travel” approach

Or go to for more information

Loews Hotels “Adopt-A-Farmer”

Monday, October 26th, 2009

Local food feels good and tastes good.

Maybe that is why Loews Hotels have launched a new “green” concept where they buy local products to support and enhance local farming communities.

The program is called “Adopt-A-Farmer” and aims to green up hotel menus while supporting local farmers, fishermen and independent purveyors. The new program means menus at Loews Hotels will have an emphasis on seasonal and regional cuisine, based on their adopted farmers’ current crops. Plus, guests can choose from rotating selections called “From the Garden,” which will feature local, farm-fresh ingredients.

Adopt a farmer

For instance, Loews Coronado Bay Resort in San Diego announces that they will use more than 60 seasonal herbs and vegetables from its own garden, while partnering with 12 local farming communities for produce.

Light therapy in Paris airports

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

Travelling for a long time and over many time zones is weary for the health. In cooperation with Philips Energy Light, two airports in Paris offered the traveler light therapy as a method to overcome some of the downsides of long-haul transportation.

White-light lamps and deep chairs were installed in spectacular igloos. Soft, therapeutical music added to the relaxation. Staff was educated to guide the travelers to the experience of relaxation.

Light therapy is a popular issue in wellness tourism. This initiative took the concept further. Time spent in airports is often felt to be wasted, and passengers might as well indulge into selected wellness offers.

The Paris initiative coincided with the introduction of an airport shop concept – Be Relax. The shops sell all types of relaxation equipment and gadgets.

See more about the light therapy igloos.

The shopping concept Be Relax

A lifestyle hotel in Copenhagen

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

Hotel Fox is Copenhagen’s only lifestyle hotel. Twenty-one international artists in the fields of graphic design, urban art and illustrations have transformed the hotel into one of the world’s most exciting and creative lifestyles hotels. The hotel offers a modern and individual atmosphere, where innovation is combined with first-class service. Some rooms are decorated like magical dream fantasies, while others feature cartoon monsters, unique street art or Japanese manga. Choose a room to match your mood! The aim is to give the guests a unique experience – and the experiences begin the moment you enter the imaginative decorated foyer. Everything is unique and therefore the rooms do not have numbers, instead you choose from a range of “do not disturb” signs, each reflecting the design of the rooms. The guests pick a sign and choose a room based on the design they find most appealing.

0503 project fox200503 project fox

0503 project foxHotel fox 3

 See a video of the hotel on youtube: Sleeping with artists

Visit the hotel’s homepage on:

Whale shark initiative – how tourists can help researchers

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

Whale sharks is an endangered species. Conservation is important, and to be able to apply efficient measures, research on the abundance, residency and migration is very crucial. This research is expensive, but tourists are invited to assist the researchers.

Whale sharks have unique patterns of spots and scaring. The Ecocean Laboratory developed a method to scan photographs and combine with geo-information for comprehensive analysis.


Photograph: Jon Hanson / CC BY-SA 2.0

Tourists with an interest in diving and underwater photography are invited to contribute to the growing database of valuable information. Many tourists take an interest in these fascinating animals. A website has been set up to inform about how to contribute, and it provides examples of how the information is processed. Discussions can be followed on the website and on Facebook.

The initiative is a distinctive and very innovative representation of an emerging form of eco-tourism. It combines significant tourism experiences with a higher purpose. The intiative is essential as amateurs are collaborating with resarchers with a mutual benefit, and it has a pedagogical effect as well. The tourists’ expenditure and sponsorships help fragile destinations particularly in Third World countries.

More information available at:

Dining in darkness

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

Dark Waiter is the first dark restaurant in Denmark.

The concept is clear: you dine in complete darkness! Mostly to experience how senses compensate each other if you loose one dominant sense. Find out if  the food taste differently, or how to pour wine in your glass or even experience if you are to identify persons talking in the darkness around you.

The menu will not be revealed beforehand and will be served by waiters who are blind or partially sighted.

Visit the restaurants homepage on:

TraveLodge Container Hotel, London

Thursday, October 15th, 2009

TraveLodge’s first recyle hotel is completed in the UK. The hotel is made from stacked shipping containers – 120 bedrooms over eight floors. The containers are modified in China with plasterboard walls, electrics and bathrooms and then shipped to the UK. The containers are bolted together and installed at the site where interior and windows are fitted. Such hotels are much cheaper to build than ordinary hotels and they can even be taken apart and rebuilt again at speed, offering the prospect of short-term hotels for different needs.

The steel containers could e.g. be bolted together to create slightly more stylish accommodations at music festivals and major sporting events.

TraveLodge aims to build 670 hotels in the UK, Ireland and Spain before 2020. See TravelLodges Press release here.

Leisure maps in the Vejle area, Denmark

Thursday, October 15th, 2009
Keen on riding, walking or bycycling? Tourists might want to go to areas that are not well known, or they might want to compose their own routes which will bring them to natural or cultural attractions of their choice.
For many years, the Danish municipalities have used with GIS and maps for  the urban plannning puposes. They tended to keep the maps to themselves. Now, however, the rich resource of computerised maps are made accessible to tourists and local leisure seekers. On  it is possible to customize a map by adding thematic issues and to zoom in and out.
This resource is under development, and new categories of information will be added. In some forest districts wellness facilities such as gym instruments will be established at selected locations. This resouce will also be indicated on the maps. There is a comprehensive effort in Vejle to increase the health profile. Using the facilities in the attractive surroundings along the fjord and in the forests is part of this plan. The local population is a test audience for facilities that will aslo be appropriate in connection with tourism.