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Urban farming on New York hotel rooftop

Friday, August 16th, 2013


In April 2013 Hotel Waldorf-Astoria in New York City has installed 360,000 bees on the rooftop. The initiative has generated a significant interest in hotel, where the honey from the bees will be used throughout the hotel menu. The bees contribute to the image of the hotel as to sustainability and green diversity in the surroundings. In addition, the initiative has a considerable market value, for example by the fact that the honey harvest created a generous media attention.

The bees on the rooftop is not entirely the idea only of the hotel management. Over a periode of time, the New York city administration has been keen on planting trees, one million trees over the next decade – PlaNYC. Some of the flowering trees will require pollination, which is where the bees come in. Accordingly, the New York greening initiative generates creative spin-offs in the business sector, and this is case where it also contributes to the experiences for tourists.