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Roskilde Festival in innovation collaboration with Rockwool

Saturday, August 1st, 2015

Rockwool is a Danish producer of building insulation. For some years, the company has collaborated with the Roskilde Rock Festival and in 2015, the company provided and tested insulated shelters, a solar powered cooler, absorbing urinals and a 250 m2 common house proving a retreat from the busy festival. The festival is a good place for the company to try to adopt products to extreme environments – in terms of sound, climate and user intensity. It is a place where the company can acquire information from potential users, and where the festival attendees can see and understand the products and their benefits.

During its presence on the Festival, the enterprise Rockwool has consistently developed its products based on the feedback from festival goers. The festival is an open innovation lab for the company. The festival is, on its side, happy to invite enterprises and entrepreneurs, as it adds to the totality of the experience, and particularly enterprises with an ethical profile are welcome. Rockwool can, indirectly, support the image of the Roskilde festivals as an environmentally aware attraction.