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Tourism Business Improvement Districts – new collaborative model or just privatizing the governance of public space? by (24th February 2017)

Governing tourists’ foraging of mussels and oysters by (23rd February 2017)

Climate adaption as governance innovations in tourism by (23rd February 2017)

Voluntary agreements with private landowners as governance innovations in tourism by (9th February 2017)

Stricktly politically incorrect skating by (5th January 2017)

Reverse BYO® at Puddleduck Vineyard: a Winery Marketing Innovation by (20th December 2016)

The Shotover Canyon Swing: a New-to-market Innovation by (15th December 2016)

Coiling Dragon Cliff Skywalk: Reframing the Walkway Experience by (9th December 2016)

Slumber Safari: Product Innovation at Werribee Open Range Zoo by (7th December 2016)

Ottway Fly: Experiencing a Forest Differently by (6th December 2016)

Bed and Book by (5th December 2016)

Currupt tours by (17th November 2016)

CSR innovation:Hotels against trafficking by (21st October 2016)

Flyboard Cairns: Water-powered Flight by (5th September 2016)

Shacky: Farm-stays in a Tiny House by (16th August 2016)

PurePods: Living Outside the Box by (1st August 2016)

Red Rattlers Gallery: An Art Gallery with a Twist by (13th July 2016)

Shared economy – the UberBOAT by (5th July 2016)

Hotel with a good mission by (1st June 2016)

Innovating the Cellar Door Experience at Penfolds Winery by (6th May 2016)

AirBolt – innovativeness in travel safety by (3rd May 2016)

Spirit House: Reconceptualising Restaurant Dining by (22nd April 2016)

Drones for people – Snowstorm by (3rd April 2016)

P&O Edge: Product and Process Innovation on a Cruise Ship by (13th March 2016)

Build your own iglo – Arctic experience by (1st March 2016)

Starlight’s Spectacular: Product Innovation through a Light and Sound Show by (24th February 2016)

Cereal Killer Cafe by (4th February 2016)

Cairns ZOOm: Product Innovation in a Wildlife Dome by (5th January 2016)

Forgotten World Adventures: product and process innovation in rail tours by (11th December 2015)

Palya Art: product innovation in cultural tourism by (5th December 2015)

Margaret River Discovery Company: a case of marketing innovation by (2nd December 2015)

Spherical eco-lodges by (5th November 2015)

Addiopizzo – goodbye to support to the Mafia by (3rd October 2015)

Fogo Island Inn – a community innovation project by (4th September 2015)

Roskilde Festival in innovation collaboration with Rockwool by (1st August 2015)

Multimedia interpretation in tour busses by (3rd July 2015)

Into the glacier of Langjökull by (21st June 2015)

Cross clutter as an attraction by (3rd May 2015)

Augmented reality – Second World War alive by (8th April 2015)

WWOOFing by (2nd March 2015)

AirHelp by (3rd February 2015)

Game development for regional museums by (3rd January 2015)

Hotel design and co-branding – Microsoft style by (14th December 2014)

Winnipeg streetcars by (14th November 2014)

Snapchat in the museum by (1st October 2014)

Sightjogging in Rome by (24th September 2014)

Augmented hotel experiences by (7th August 2014)

Sustainable sail boats in Copenhagen Harbor by (5th July 2014)

Innovating ancestral tourism by (4th June 2014)

Blindfolded trough touristic spaces by (14th May 2014)

Raining Taxies by (5th April 2014)

Really dangerous tourism by (15th March 2014)

Club WATT by (1st February 2014)

Restaurant combats food waste by (2nd January 2014)

Gamification and viral marketing by (15th December 2013)

Volunteer greeters by (5th November 2013)

Food for Pleasure and Thought by Sofia Reino (14th October 2013)

Nudging: the musical staircase by (8th October 2013)

APP for hunting tourism by (13th September 2013)

Urban farming on New York hotel rooftop by (16th August 2013)

App guides visitors at Copenhagen Fortifications by (11th July 2013)

Bicycling in the Netherlands by (15th June 2013)

Spyglass – the adventurer’s toolkit by (13th May 2013)

Mapping sporting tracks by (13th May 2013)

Nature as a fitness center – the NIKE approach by (13th May 2013)

Trails – a GPS-app for tracking outdoor adventures by (12th May 2013)

A companion for star gazing by (8th May 2013)

Bird watching app by (8th May 2013)

Survival app for nature adventurists by (8th May 2013)

Segway Tours in Reykjavik Iceland by (25th April 2013)

Fanø Natur – sharing experiences and knowledge by (24th April 2013)

Pedal-powered washing machine by (20th April 2013)

Airship luxury cruise by (25th February 2013)

Destination marketing with user generated content by (2nd January 2013)

Maoist leader Prachanda opens guerrilla trail in Nepal by (5th December 2012)

Old oil rig as diving heaven by (11th November 2012)

Vegetable tourism by (8th October 2012)

Virtual Marie guides travelers in La Guardia Airport by (2nd September 2012)

The multisensory restaurant by (17th August 2012)

How to investigate the movements of museum guests? by (2nd July 2012)

Autocamper – with microcar in the belly by (6th June 2012)

Walkscapes by (3rd May 2012)

Tiny village facebook branding by (14th March 2012)

The Ghost of the Flâneur: Cultural Inhibitors of Sustainable Tourism in Copenhagen by (12th March 2012)

Youth labour mobility and the disseminating of innovation by (4th February 2012)

Igloo accommodation by (17th January 2012)

Live like a gypsy by (4th December 2011)

The weird toilet restaurant by (2nd November 2011)

The scattered hotel – a solution to rural depopulation by (16th October 2011)

Travel agency for dogs by (6th September 2011)

Individually styled hotels by (5th August 2011)

Games on social media as a tourism marketing device by (2nd July 2011)

Dating services in winter sports tourism by (1st July 2011)

Travel2change: Let’s rethink travel and realize your ideas by (21st June 2011)

Multi-functional golf courses by (6th June 2011)

Achitecture – a decisive innovation at scenic routes by (4th May 2011)

Oysters as attractions by (5th April 2011)

Eden – a new way of communicating by (7th March 2011)

Grønbechs Gård by (14th February 2011)

Aarhus By Light – interactive mural entertainment by (11th February 2011)