11.11.2010 12:27 Age: 8 yrs

Winner of the 2010 E-learning Award- INNOTOUR

INNOTOUR announced the winner of the Danish E-learning Award 2010

The announcement on eVidenCenters website

Dr. Janne Liburd of the Center for Tourism, Innovation and Cultre at the University of Southern Denmark was award the prize yesterday at the Bella Conference Center in Copenhagen. The jury motivated the nomination as follows:

"There are many different resources available on this e-learning platform, with the focus on knowledge dissemination and competence development.

A plethora of tools and literature, as well as cases, are available for users. Amongst these are dilemma plays, brain storming tools and a variety of tests which users can apply to further advance their products and ideas. The materials are of substantial richness and create a valuable connection between theory and practice.

The Creative Commons license is applied to support an open development process.

The project innovatively encourages collaboration between countries, educational institutions and companies in a seamless structure.

The reach and potential spread of the project is significant due to, among other things, the use of English as the working language and the involvement of many different stakeholders.

It is an interesting project with an exciting integration of custom built web content and different Web 2.0 elements."

The announcement.


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