My ST experience in South Africa – The Fairfield Group

Within my Bachelor studies, I had the great pleasure of completing a 6-months internship at Fairfield Tours South Africa (PLC) Ltd. ( The inbound operator was founded as part of the Fairfield Group in 1996 serving the overseas leisure market with scheduled tours, tailor-made tours and day tours, driven by the company’s vision of ‘Being the preferred tourism travel company in Southern Africa, setting the standard in value, trusted relationships, quality travel solutions, and quality service, in a sustainable way’.

With one of its core values being ‘to operate in a socially and environmentally responsible manner’, the company provides funding for a number of community projects in the greater region of the Western Cape and places a high focus on being engaged in several environmental initiatives, e.g. the support of the Saasveld Nature Conservation Department (SNCD) of Saasveld Campus (part of Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University), providing education in conservation policy. Moreover, the company has realised it cannot promote the fact that it is working in an eco-friendly and sustainable way without starting by doing so at its very own offices. Within that, Fairfield is dedicated to build awareness internally by integrating and promoting ‘a green way of living’ at the workplace. Amongst others, the Green Policy of Fairfield incorporates the subjects of water conservation, energy efficiency and effective waste management. In order to enhance the actions and behaviour encouraged by management, all employees of the Fairfield Group (including myself) took part in a Green Workshop, aimed at providing information and feedback on how to pursue an environmentally responsible lifestyle, both at home and at work, effectively.

With the pursuit of a business strategy that is sustainable through and through, i.e. taking on responsibility not only visible to the outside, but also internally, the Fairfield Group has recently been awarded the ‘Fair Trade in Tourism South Africa’ Certificate.

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  1. Lucia Loposova says:

    Katja, I appreciate you brought up this topic and I can get to know some details on successful sustainable project.
    Furthermore, I agree with the idea of educating personnel of the sustainable company, so the philosophy of sustainable development becomes their own.
    On the other hand, I am a little critical this could be easily reachable in European conditions. I think, only people in regions where climate changes are more visible started to think seriously about the problem. From experience from my home country, I have to say, there is no much consciousness on the problem.

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