EMTM Thoughts and Expectations

  The place Taiwan I come from is like a newly born baby in tourism industry, it only developed less than 25 years. In my island, we have bountiful tourism resource from nature to social ethnics; however, it is evitable while we met the global environmental issues at the same time in the past ten years. Moreover, from the social-economic aspect can’t be reach as western standard which challenge the sustainable tourism developing in a smooth way.

     Tourism is contained variety subjects; it can be describe as a bridge or mean to connect the idea of sustainable development. Given an example of wetland eco-tour not only has it a trip to get close to nature but with a consciousness of environment protection. In my opinion, to address the concept of sustainable development with tourism is important to integrate the ideas and get the balance of the situation.

   With this precious opportunity to learn from Nordic “green” experiences, I hope I can gain the knowledge of how to integrate the idea into Taiwan and China situation. In a word, with this course, it allows me to look deeper into the situation, analysis the case and come out a future research based. Last but not least, it would be wonderful from this course I can have the information from western side and give a feedback back to home for better policy.

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  1. Md. Abdul Hamid says:

    Humm it’s really sounds like a future policy maker of tourism sector!!! I am also eager to learn the reasons why people travel to Europe and some other particular destinations. To bring out same result for our country what should we do? In my country, Bangladesh, there are huge natural resources but we don’t get desired number of international tourists. The resources are lagging behind under used and country is not developing in a constant pace.

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