honestly, I have chosen to study tourism because I had no idea what to do after school. I thought, if you study tourism, it could be fun, but I had any expectation.

Now I am really happy that I chose to do that.  I havent been much around in the world, and I never dared to go somewhere by my own. But I always wanted to see other countries, learn something about other cultures and most of all, loose my fear being in other countries, doesn’t now where to go and just enjoying it anyway.

I also hope to improve my english, which its quiet important to me, because I never really had to use it but always wanted it.

What to do after the 3 years, again I have no idea. But actually I want to travel around, because I haven’t done that after school, what I really regret. Maybe their will be a opportunity, how I can combine business with pleasure.

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