Expectations and Thoughts

Honestly I have to admit that I have high expectations in the Sustainable Tourism Course. First of all, I am of the opinion that we will get through an extensive literature review (journal articles, recommended books) a major insight to the sustainable tourism, its’ development, political frameworks, innovations and so forth. I hope that this gained theoretical knowledge can be undermined with the help of case studies as well as further practical examples as for instance the excursion to Fanoe Island.

Well, in the past couple of years the term “sustainability” has occurred in society and media at an increasing level. Being “Green” for instance, has become a social trend and a new lifestyle that one after the other is starting to follow. As we know, trends are apparently not of long-lasting nature. With acting “green” I do not only refer to the society engaged in waste management, using hybrid cars etc, but also on tourism professionals, responsible for the sustainable development of various projects of different scopes.

I hope that this is not just a trend to follow, which will be replaced by another, and that the present and future professionals and tourism leaders are acting on the basis of the five guiding values in sustainable tourism development: ethics, knowledge, mutual respect, professionalism and stewardship. If these values will be followed accurately by each and everyone, the term “sustainability” and being “green” will be not just a trend, but a new integrated part in our life.

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