Expectations for and thoughts about STD

The concept of sustainable tourism development has already been a constant companion within the course of my Bachelor programme, where we – in theory – got acquainted with the economic, environmental and socio-cultural dimensions of sustainable tourism and how these must be in a continuous balance in order for destinations to maintain their competitiveness in the long run.

Having the opportunity to attend a full course devoted to this topic now, rather than being somewhat ‘confronted’ now and then as in my previous studies, I am hoping to gain an in-depth understanding of the concept, its pros and cons and, most importantly, the feasibility of the concept in real-life.

From my point of view, given the multiplicity of players involved in the supply and delivery of tourism services at the destination level, I find it very hard to believe that the idea of sustainable tourism development will prove to be more than an idealistic concept. I do hope though, that by means of further literature, case studies, discussions and student blogs this course will dispel my doubts.

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