Expectations to Sustainable Tourism Development Courses

Sustainable Tourism comes into my life since 2008 when I was an undergraduate student in Malaysia.  Mr. Toney K. Thomas, my professor in Malaysia who is an expertise in tourism management and development, especially the sustainable tourism development brought me the concept of STD.  His energetic spirit and enthusiasm had influenced most of my classmates and me to approach STD in both theoritical and practical experiences.

I am glad to touch on STD course again in this beginning of my first semester in the University, I expect that this course will provide me more complement and updated information regarding STD. Besides that, I am looking forward to study and understand this course in an international environment, where I could “observe” everyone’s expectation and read their ideas in this board.

The interaction between professors and other classmates will also motivate myself to carry out more researches and discussions in both visible (in the class) and invisible (uploading blog) ways. I greatly desired to maximize my educational level in this STD course.

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  1. Dominika Janta says:

    Hopefully,we both will better understand the core meaning of sustainable tourism development especially on the international level. The idea of sharing opinions on this blog can teach us looking at the phenomenon from different perspective too.

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