My STD Experience

At the very beginning of my work experience, I was employed in my home town (Varazdin) tourist board. The majority of the projects this organization was working on, were connected to sustainable development of the city. One of the most important projects was, and still is, the festival called Spancirfest.

Spancirfest started in 1999. as a small event focused on inviting people to walk into the center of the city in order to enjoy folklore and traditional crafts presentations. Today, twelve years later, Spancirfest already has a tradition of being one of the most visited events in the region, recognized as a member of IFEA (International Festival & Event Association) and as a winner of international marketing event festival – Eventim. Through out the years, the festival was growing rapidly, combining its original purpose with new ideas. It is now a new age festival inspired by history, culture and tradition.

During ten days, thousands of people walk into the center to enjoy the atmosphere, world music concerts, theatre shows, street performers, delicious food or just admire more than 300 stands with authentic products (antiques, clothes, arts, crafts etc). There is over a thousand performers from six continents involved in the program and more than 250 000 visitors passing through the city center streets.

In spite of all the potential to become another mass music event, this festival has managed to keep the magic of city’s history and people’s habits. Many visitors say that people who live in Varazdin make a special kind of atmosphere by proudly demonstrating the roots of their fancy baroque past. The organizers did not allow modern standards to take over, moreover, they have managed to combine the tradition and modernism, bring people back to the past and at th

e same time surprise them by being ahead of time.

I could say that Spancirfest had implemented new standards when it comes to event organization in Croatia. There are numerous sources of authentic products that can be offered to the tourists and that is w

hat Croatia should be focusing on as the main image product – to maintain the sustainable tourism development instead of focusing on fashionable trends. Following more developed countries to conceive mass tourism, can bring inspiration or conventional touch, however, is not a solution for the countries which can still offer their uniqueness.

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