Phase one: My expectations

I am looking forward to studying sustainable tourism development. I have just completed university and I expect a course of masters in science level to be more challenging. I hope I will learn quickly and succeed at it. I want to apply myself and create my own opinions on sustainable tourism as the week’s progress. I do not have much knowledge of sustainable tourism, but I feel by the end of the course I will truly (as the title of the book states) understand the sustainable development of Tourism. I think that working in groups in tutorials will have its pro’s and con’s as with all group projects; however I am curious to see how the sharing of all information on innotour will affect people; as in my university the sharing of information is seen as risky behaviour due to fierce competition.

I want to believe that sustainable tourism will work in the future. I believe that it is morally correct and we should all strive to succeed this both as tourists now and perhaps as service providers or policy makers in the future. I do believe that the future holds complex issues/concerns for sustainable tourism development, especially with economic instability, changing human expectations and increasing environmental concerns. However, I believe turning a blind eye to these problems will not help, so forming structured policies, education, innovation and networking will provide solutions. Which have to be kept flexible enough to work in future scanerios

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