Sustainable Development Expectations

My interest in sustainable tourism development dates back to when I was working in my hometown tourist office. Even though this subject has been discussed during my high school studies, it has not been until this work experience when I realized the true importance of it. As I got to know my city better, I have noticed its unexplored potential, which made it even more interesting. Croatia is a small country fighting her way into the big world. Lately, many doors have started opening, and entering the European Union in the near future will ease the development process. In my region there are two developing agencies which have been cooperating with various organizations in the European Union and made enormous progress and improvement for the entire region. That is why I can surely say sustainable development has taken first steps in the long road thats waiting ahead. Unfortunately, there are various obstacles when it comes to realizing great ideas. That is one more reason why I have decided to search for international experience before coming back to live in my country. Beginning with the EMTM program, which is structured to provide a high quality education, my belief is that all courses will assure me with the wide knowledge and understanding of tourism industry. Even though in 2010, sustainable development is a common goal in almost every aspect of our lives, not just work wise, this goal is very difficult to achieve. Looking at the big picture, and thinking globally, it seems that it would take a long period of time to do so. However, we need to start somewhere. If we succeed to accomplish this mission staring small, one day we will have a beautiful world to live in.

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