Sustainable tourism experience

When I am at home in my tiny appartment in Esbjerg, I really do think a lot about what I can do take care of the environment. I do not take showers that last more than 5 minutes, I have switched all my electricity to sustainable energy sources, I always turn off all my eletric appliances before leaving the appartment, I always reuse the same fabric bag for my groceries instead of buying plastic bags etc. Off course I know I am not exactly saving the world, but I do what I can to act “environmental friendly”.

During my 5th semester on the Bachelor, I worked together with two of my fellow students on an assignment about a “green” hotel in Esbjerg called Scandic Hotel. I have never actually stayed at this, or any other, green hotel, and I found it very interesting to learn about all the different things you can do as a hotel, to look out for the environment. Scandic Hotels is a chain of hotels with headoffice in Stockholm, who have chosen to implement a very thorough green policy. They have chosen to go all the way in their attempt to become carbon neutral. To mention a few examples:

Only ecological products are used for all food preparations,
when the guest leaves the room, the electricity is turned off,
towels are only washed, if the guest has left it on the floor,
presorting of waste in up to 22 different categories,
new installed  water saving taps in all rooms,
environmentally educated employees  etc.

New hotels in the chain are even built with environmental friendly materials throughout the entire building. On top of that, they have even initiated a programme called “Scandic in society”. This programme consists of meetings in each hotel involving donating bed linen to shelters, serving lunch to the homeless etc. This programme is all about giving something back to the local community in which the hotel is situated.

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  1. Megan Hennessy says:

    Hi Christina, I find your blog very intresting. This hotel sounds so cool, their thorough green policies are very impressive. Did you visit the hotel? How did the hotel appear, was it as luxurious/comftorable looking as other modern hotels?

    Also, do you know if the Danish government give grants or aid to hotels to implement energy efficent materials into their hotels?

    What I find most intresting about this chain of hotels is their “enviromentally educated employees” as I worked in a big holiday complex this summer in France, where I noticed not much paper of boxes were being recycled and huge quantities of rubbish were being dumped everyday.

  2. Magdalina Yarichkova says:

    I also wanted to point out the same thing as Megan – the educated employees! If they really implement this, than that is the best thing one can think of! I have worked in a one of the biggest hotel chains in Crete, Greece, and they had amazing green initiatives! About 70% of their electricity (for two hotel properties and a big purpose-built conference center) was supplied by solar panels installed in near the hotels. There were also the other “more regular” initiatives, as the towel policy, recycling etc. but I noticed that while we had the recycling bins, most of my colleagues were not using them! The employees of the different department knew very little about them and they even found them “annoying”, since they were not used, just taking up space! This experience to me, only proved how important education is! I see it as the main factor to prevent ignorance and move to a more sustainable future!

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