Sustainable tourism experience

The area of the country I am coming from is exacly opposite of sustainable development idea. The Upper Silesie in Poland is famous for heavy industry such as iron works and coal mines. Degredation of the natural environment and heavy polluted air is the consequences of exploitation of natural resources. That is why when I visited Iceland for the first time I was suprised. The government of Iceland is aiming to promote sustainable ecotourism not mass tourism which would bring more money. Travel and tourism in Iceland  has grown significantly through a focus on the conservation of various natural resources. The hiking trip I was intived to took five hours and while we were walking I have  seen fox which was not  afraid of coming to human’s hand and eat dried haddock:)Apart from that I saw some plants for the first time in my life and one of the most strange birds in my life called Puffins.Flotavik was the place which we stayed for 2 days, not accessible by car only by hiking tour or ferry. There we stayed in a  little cottage with no electricity or gas supply. In the morning you could go fishing for trout however  I was informed that you could only fish for you own needs and that it  was  policy designed to protect trouts.It was probably  the most peaceful place I have ever visited in my life, where people can appreciate unspoiled beauty of the nature. It seems that in Iceland idea of sustainable tourism development is the only one which exists.  Consumers and tourism operators seem to be deeply dediceted into this eco-friendly tourism policy and development, with many emerging niche businesses pursuing this direction.

I highly recommend visiting Iceland and  I will try to go there again too:)

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  1. Magdalina Yarichkova says:

    Wow Dominika, I really enjoyed reading your post! I know some things about Iceland, and I have many friends who have been there, but you had really had SOME experience there! I will look forward to opportunities to going there at the first possible moment!

  2. Laura Perpina says:

    I would like to write a small coment about the 5h hike tour. I believe that giving food to the animals from the natural area should be forbidden, as the animals will become depenenent from human hand, which from my point of view is not positive for the ecosistem.

  3. Megan Hennessy says:

    Dominika, your blog is very intresting. I have always wanted to visit Iceland since I was younger beacause it sounds amazing. I love unspoilt nature. The iclandic government seem to be doing an excellent job at implementing environmental policies. on a more serious note, Puffins are so cool!

  4. Milica Ilincic says:

    I like your blog and since I also visited Iceland this year I had to write a comment. It is a really unique and beautiful island that can not be compared with any other country I have visited. Unspoiled nature is a main attraction of this island, and it is great that its government tend to keep it unspoiled. Also, percentage of renewable energy (geothermal and hydro power) used in Iceland is very high.
    Unfortunately I didn’t have a chance to see the puffins, but I was lucky enough to bump into a Northern light:) Truly amazing!!!

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