Way of Saint Jacques (Camino de Santiago)

My last sustainable experience was last summer when I covered of a long stretch the “Way of Saint Jacques”. I must explain to my colleagues that may not know what this is, that this is a walking route (sometimes cycling) that goes through Spain with Santigo de Compostela´s Cathedral asits final destination. There are different reasons that trigger “pilgrims” to do this: religious, nature, sport, culture, experience…


The experience was sustainable from the beginning, as I got to the start point (north of Spain) by electric train (saving the GHG emissions that air travel causes). Each day, we walked 20 -25 km. through forests and mountains (obviously being environmentally aware and intending to cause as little damage to nature as possible) finishing the journey in different rural houses, thus contributing to local economy development and also sparing the atmosphere all the CO2 that a normal hotel creates per room and day.

The “Camino de Santiago” is very well signalled (indications, legs, routes) However, I realised that much more could be done in terms of services, accommodation and green labels. Moreover, local stakeholders should find the potential benefits of working together (meeting their needs) finding as a result the improvement of the quality of the path.

To finish my comments on this experience, I would like to say that even though I didn’t take a plane or travelled abroad, this sustainable experience fulfilled my touristic needs approaching me to a more sustainable lifestyle!!!

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