Dear People!
This is my second Blog Entry now, and I want to write about authenticity this week.
The topic authenticity actually is one that I, personally, consider as a very interesting one.
After reading a bit about it, most of my personal impressions have been affirmed.
What is meant by the world authenticity anyway?
The Definition I found on the Internet, did not really satisfy me.
Definition: The quality or condition of being authentic, trustworthy, or genuine.
I think, and this is also mentioned in a couple of the articles I read, that authenticity also
can be linked with the word traditional. This is a new shift in tourism, which actually is something
very positive. To put it in a nutshell, tourists like to “go back to the roots” at the moment. While,
during the last decades, all-inclusive and other club vacation boomed, now the time came for
people to actually get sick of them.
What people now want is going to another county and actually experience it. People like to travel
and enjoying local food while doing so. They love to turn their holiday into a real experience
including foreign tastes, smells, language and sounds.
Another positive aspect about this trend is that it comes along with another trend. This other trend is
sustainability. As we all know, visiting another country and relying on local resources is much more
sustainable then going to another country without ever leaving the resort one stays in.
Tourists start to realize how much the huge all-inclusive resorts harm the environment and themselves.
Is there anything that broadens people’s horizons more then visiting other countries and experiencing
different cultures, languages, believes and environments?
The misbelieve that booking a club vacation is more relaxing than individual travelling is slowly dying.
It is my hope that this new shift in the tourism industry will not emerge as a short time trend but a
long term changing.

Sources: John P. Taylor (October 1998) – “Authenticity and sincerity in tourism”
Etienne, Pauchant (December 1999) – “La part de l’authenticité dans le tourisme durable“
Hamon, Viviane (July-August 2005) “Authenticité, tourisme durable et marketing,”

Thank you all very much for reading this!

Cheers, Nicola

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  1. Marina Fabricio says:

    Nicola. Hi.

    I liked their two approaches. Authenticity and Sustainability.
    Actually people today are seeking new, even more facilities for having to travel.

    Here in Brazil, the facilities for travel has been increasing with the companies offering tourist packages closed. So people can leave the country or state many times a year.
    Thus, people experience, experience and care that is one of the principles of sustainability.

    Marina Fabricio – Brazil

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