Personal Holiday Experience

My Name is Nicola Herrmann and I am a Student at Modul University Vienna.
I am in the 3rd Semester now and this is the first Internet course I attend.

In my First Blog entry I want to shortly tell about a holiday I made a few
years ago. Me and my family went to Bali and spent a whole month there.
I think this was my favorite holiday and I loved the hotel we stayed at.

It was a very nice hotel directly at the beach. There was a possibility to visit
other beaches by rowboat which we did several times. The hotel did not have
its own restaurant, since there were many small restaurants along the beach
which the hotel wanted to support. I do not remember eating anything but
Fish, rice and fruit during the whole holiday. I loved the fact that the menu in the
restaurants changed everyday according to the fish the employees angled that day.
Sometimes they also offered mussels, shrimp or lobster.

Thinking about it, this was a great idea to safe costs and the environment
by not transporting any international food to the hotel. Also the fish just tasted
great and no hotel guest ever complained.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. P B says:

    hallo nicola

    It would be bad if you had an allergy against local “seafood”, what would you do then?


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