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Ad: Brazil is calling you  –

The content of this tv/internet ad shows Brazilian exuberant nature, beaches, wild life, adventure tourism, caves, a bit of Brazilian culture, night life, spectacles, gastronomy, art, historical sites, friendship and hospitality, sports, companionship, freedom and happiness.

This ad motivates especially those workers who can see themselves in a business meeting, for example, but wishing they could be somewhere else.

It tries to show that Brazil will satisfy Maslow’s needs:

Physiological: Brazilian gastronomy, restaurants, relaxation.

Belonging: love between the couple, friendship, being part of a group.

Esteem: the feeling of achievement for doing something different and new, being somewhere you’d like to, participating in adventure sports. Status as well, being able to tell people you was in such an exotic land.

Self-actualization: being able to be authentic, to have a meaningful trip, to be spontaneous.

“Brazil is calling you” ad doesn’t focus on a specific need, but tries to involve as many as possible, so we are able to see the various aspects that Brazil has to offer in order to satisfy needs.

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