“Can sustainability be achieved?”  I would like to answer „yes” to Janne’s question but it would be right away followed by another: how? And this is my expectation from the course.

I think that a valuable thing to learn would be how to approach the topic practically: knowing which agencies to cooperate with, which of them to ask for support; how to build up relationships, contribute, give something from yourself or what to expect from others. All of it done in a professional manner.

I hope that as a team we will learn it from our lecturers and from each other. I think that our group being a sample of the world has already started.



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  1. Patricia Aller says:

    I also think that practicalities are the crux of the matter. Even if we are not able to reach the perfect sustainable model for tourism we can get started on turning it into a more respectful and constructive activity.

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