As I haven’t been in Fano yet, I will write about something else. I think that to be sustainable at all is quite difficult. Anyway, since we are here, we are more sustainable than before, I guess. I mean, we use bicycles or public transport all the time, we have to recycle almost everything, we are studying sustainability tourism (this makes us keep in mind this concept and it reminds us that’s an important issue for present and future as well. Isn’it? Or don’t we say among ourselves sometimes “be sustainable” or “that’s sustainable”?

Maybe that’s not a sustainable tourism experience but we are still talking about sustainability. (I have to say that I’m improvising and writing what’s going through my mind, so I don’t know if this is exactly what I had to do).

Since I’m in Esbjerg, and after been in some many countries, I’ve the feeling that in Catalonia (Spain is quite big and I don’t have general information, so I’ll talk about what’s closest to me because I know it better) is very difficult to introduce both sustainability and to be sustainable concepts to the population. I would say that sustainability and comfort could be related. How? People prefer comfort rather than trying to be sustainable. I’ll use the bike as an example. In Catalonia the majority of the population doesn’t use bikes; they prefer their own car or motorbike. Use public transport seems it’s a really big effort also (wake up early to catch the bus, train, delays more often than it should be, get cold, …) And here in Esbjerg for example, a lot of people uses the bike and the weather is worst than Catalonia!!!

Well, I guess it’s a matter of mentality. I would like to change this and makes the bikes a new fashion!! Yes, will i can do it?


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