When I think about sustainable tourism, the first thing that comes to my mind is whether it is possible to implement and develop a “sustainability phenomena” in my country (Georgia). Is sustainability a luxury? Is it achievable in the developing countries?

I decided to write about one of the most beautiful National Parks of Georgia called “Mtirala”  National Park, which has recently been opened as a tourist destination.  I would like to go deeper in the legislation of the above mentioned protected area and study its sustainable tourism experience (if any)

“Mtirala” National Park is located in Adjara (one of the regions of Georgia, located on the east coast of Black sea). The region mostly concentrates on seaside tourism, which is seasonal of course.  The protected area (if operated properly) would contribute much more tourists (multi seasonal) to the region. Therefore my RQ would be: How can national park development contribute to STD? The case of Mtirala National Park.



Presumable structure of the paper:

  • Introduction
  • RQ & possible limitations
  • Methodology
  • Literature review
  • Analyses & Discussion

I would like to analyze:

What kinds of tourism can be developed in the area?

What is to be done in terms of sustainable development and any possible experiences of it?

How can we make the impact of tourists’ footprint less harmful for the nature/natural springs/animals etc.

How local society can be involved in the activities?

Why is it important etc.

  • Conclusion



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  1. Janne Liburd says:

    Do you think STD can be achieved? How about changing the focus towards transformations toward STD and use the national park as a case? Again, limitations are needed as the topical outline is too broad for a 10-12 page assignment.

    • Nino Turashvili says:

      How the national park – as a tourist destination can be more sustainable (case of Mtirala National Park)?

      would it be better if I put it this way?

  2. Janne Liburd says:

    Yes, but perhaps more correctly: How can national park development contribute to STD? The case of Mtirala National Park. Please make this clear by editing your post for future group work opportunities.

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