In my Bachelor course I was usually given topics that did not require a lot of primary data collection but mainly secondary data analysis. That is one of the reasons why I chose the following research question  as it gives me a chance to gather and work with data collected by myself  and also it gives the opportunity to explore (through secondary data) the destinations of my interest, which will be specified in the ‘limitations’ section.

Research Question:

Driving and maintaining a sustainable tourism development of destinations by tour operators based in Esbjerg. What are the policies and actions undertaken?  What was and what needs to be improved?

The structure:

–          Introduction

–          Research Question and limitations

–          Methodology (paradigm, research design)

–          Findings (primary data)

–          Secondary data analysis and discussion

–          Evaluation

–          Conclusion

–          Future research




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  1. Janne Liburd says:

    You need to more consise – too many issues at stake here, i.e.: Driving and maintaining + STD + destinations + Tour operators + Esbjerg + policies + actions + improvements.

    My suggestion: What is the role of Tour Operators in STD? (here you may want to add a case study of Esbjerg based operators, or focus on challenges & opportunities.

  2. Robert Zentkowski says:

    Ok I am going to write about the role of Tour Operators in STD based on Esbjerg’s operators

  3. Janne Liburd says:

    Pls rephrase RQ on the blog post for purpose of future group work

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