Course expectations – Jozef, Slovakia

Hey everybody,

first of all, I really appreciate this opportunity to learn in such a motivating and internationally strong environment and discuss the most current issues of tourism development.

Since I was working as a travel guide (escort or leader) in different summer resorts during past 5 years, mostly in mass tourism spots in Bulgaria and Turkey,  I had the opportunity to experience the pros and cons of this way of “handling” the tourism development. From what I have seen, not much is being done towards preserving the destination for future generations and overall well-being of those communities. I have seen how things probably should not be done instead of what is considered to be the long-term sustainable strategy of a destination. Unfortunately, quick and immediate profit-making is what matters the most for most people involved in the tourism business. Tourism stakeholders are obviously missing the big picture and long-term view.

According to this, I expect this course will provide us with deep understanding of sustainable strategies and ways of implementing them into daily praxis. I would really appreciate to go through successful case studies that demonstrate these efforts. I would also like to know answers to many questions that arise when talking about sustainable development: what needs to be done, what can be done immediately and what is possible to achieve in long term view in order to be able to be competitive in the tourism industry not only for a couple of years.

Taking everything into consideration, I hope this will be an inspiring semester, full of new and motivating experiences, that will broaden our horizons and  put us one step forward in our tourism studies.

Jozef, Slovakia

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  1. Nathan Ardaiz says:

    Jozef, do you think that these stakeholders that are not concerned with long term strategies are not aware of their misuse of resources, or are they aware and not receptive to new methods? I am curious as to the motivations of these stakeholders as well, because there has to be some understanding on their part, of the inability to make money on a resource that is “drying up.” I hope we can delve in to some of these decision making processes from the perspective of incentives and motivations.

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