E-tivity Phase 1 Laura Herfurth SDU

I wanted to experience a different culture and have a break from studying after I graduated high school, so I filled out an application to become an Au Pair. During my stay, I was able to expand my curiosity and longing for travelling and other cultures.

Halfway through my time as an Au Pair, my host parents started engaging me in long conversations about my future. I always had in mind to do something with tourism, but did not know exactly what to do with it. So, I really started thinking about it. For me, it was significant to being able to use my English. I wanted to be able to experience another stay abroad and gain even further experience from various cultures.

After I returned to Germany, I absolved almost a year-long internship at a Tourism Information to figure out if this was the right field for me. My internship really was fun and interesting and my desire to work with as well as for people grew even more. As I became more and more responsibilities, I realised what a broad field tourism is. The experiences I was able to acquire then encouraged me to study Tourism.

My expectations of this class are to broaden my view on the industry in a more theoretical way, since I for myself have actually not seen the industry as a research area, so far. I don’t want to memorize more and more definitions, but how to apply what we learn in class and about tourism. With Janne Liburd as our tutor, we will hopefully have the chance to engage in discussions on practical matters in class and will learn more about her TEFI work.

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