Etivity 1

Hi guys.

During my education as a Service Economist, tourism quickly caught my attention and my following path of choices led me towards tourism as my specialty. When I graduated as a Service Economist, I got my bachelors degree in Business Administration at University of Roskilde. I think that education served as a stepping stone for my further choice of education, and that is why I applied for this programme.

My curiosity about tourism and its development seems to persist, and that is why I find this course interesting. I ā€˜m eager to learn and expand my knowledge in order to use it in future jobs and I have great expectations for this course especially because Iā€™m interested in learning more about dynamics of tourism development and how to implement sustainable tourism development in real life. I look forward to working and sharing ideas and experiences with you all, especially because we come from so many different countries with different cultures šŸ™‚

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