Etivity 2

In my leisure time I like to party with my friends, and to meet new people/friends. I find that it is often much easier to converse with strangers, when out clubing, after a couple of beers or drinks. the conversation is much easier because then the barricades that most people tend to put up during the daytime is down, and they are much more relaxed, and therfore, much easier to talk to.

When I travel I often want to check out the local bar or disco/nightclubs, mainly because I want to see how they look like, and meet some of the locals or other tourists like myself. In a bar or disco it is easier to talk to the locals, get to know them, and learn more about their culture, country or city, and maybe even get some tips or inspiration as to where to go and what to see next. One might even get recomendations to places msot tourists would never go, because its not included in their travel books and therefore, they dont know about it.

when I was in Crete/Greece, working as a tourguide, I went to the local bar/clubs in my leisure time, and it didnt take long before I got to know a lot of locals, the Greek men are definitely not shy 😉 they told me about some places i didnt know about, and wouldnt know if i just read a travel book…


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  1. Sanne Thora Grøn Jakobsen says:

    I also think it is great to go to different local bars or nightclubs. You learn the local people and the local places much better, and as you say – no travel book can tell the same thing as local people 🙂 .

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