Etivity Phase 1 by Vanessa Hinrichsen

Hey, my name is Vanessa and I´m a Dual Degree student from Germany. We´ve already been asked this question quite often and I never really know what to say, except of “Because I like to travel, I´m interested in different cultures and traditions and I love being able to communicate in different languages about other people´s experiences”. And that is basically the truth or the reason I´m studying tourism. As both my parents work in the catering industry, I got used to deal with unfamiliar people and the challenge to fulfill their needs. Next to that my parents used to host exchange students in our house which evoked my interest in different countries and travelling as I always watched people coming and leaving again, telling the most interesting stories of what happened to them during their journeys.

My plan for my future in the tourism industry is not to sit in an office and answer phone calls or to plan standardized vacations for the mass but rather to get into the idea of soft or sustainable tourism and work in that type of business. I would like to work for a company, either a tour operator or a hotel that cares about the indigenous people living in the area around and that is trying to involve them into the development tourism might bring along but without influencing their traditional way of living. I think for the future of tourism it is important to keep people in tourist destinations the way they are and don´t force them to adapt to the “western” way of life and to tourists cultures and behaviors.

by Vanessa Hinrichsen

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