My research question for STD

I would like to work with decision making and therefore my RQ is: How is consumer decision making related to sustainable tourism? (I want to find out when exactly it is in the decision making proces that tourists consider sustainability if at all? And if they do not, how can this behaviour be changed?)

I am thinking about narrowing my topic to people in age of 20-30 years.


Possible structure of the paper:

  1. Introduction

1.1   Research question

1.2   Limitations

2. Methodology and theory

2.1   Paradigm

2.2   Research design

2.3   Theoretical framework

2.4   Literature review

3. Analysis

3.1   Secondary data analysis

3.2   Primary data – my findings

3.3   Evaluation and discussion of primary and secondary data

4. Conclusion

5. Future research



Literature so far:

Consumer behaviour by Michael Soloman

Analyzing decsion making by Jordan J. Louviere

The alternative paradigm dialog by Guba

Practical tourism research by Smith




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  1. Janne Liburd says:

    Ok, think that it sounds rather ambitious and positivistic (ie use of ‘excactly when’) which is fine.

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