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My main idea regarding STD is to make a research about the coastline in Bulgaria.
 Last 10 years were very dynamic for my country economy and this had a huge
 effect on the tourism branch. It was time of big investments and fast development.
 Enormously large resorts were build and the whole coast line nowadays is used to
 attract tourists from all over the world. On one hand it was very profitable for the
 companies operating on this market and on the other hand the government was
 gaining from taxes.  But what was the effect on the environment?! 
This is a question that we are asking ourselves now. It is sensible that part of the
 nature around the coast was changed and not in that much sustainable way. 
I would like during this research is to point out what have been made until now
 in order to have a sustainable coastline and what more can be done in future
 – government legalizations and CSR. 
Research Question: How does the tourism affects the seaside coast in Bulgaria 
and what approaches can be used to develop more sustainable environment? 
Plan outlines:
Background research and theoretical analysis
Current situation and future development ideas
Elena :)

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  1. Janne Liburd says:

    My apologies for missing your entry in the first round of commentary.

    How do you propose to address the ‘affects’ (effects?) of tourism i.e. social, cultual, environmental, economic, political aspects? And do you have sufficient academic literature on the topic?

    Otherwise I suggest you focus on the challenges and opportunities in sustainable coastal tourism development and use Bulgaria as case study.

  2. Elena Novakova says:

    I was looking at the literature what I can use during this research and I have decided that I will go with the RQ u suggested above.
    So my new research question is “Challenges and opportunities in sustainable coastal tourism development. Case study- Bulgarian coast”
    I found some books on this topic, but I am very open for other suggestions and tips.
    -Derek Hall, Melanie Smith and Barbara Marciszewska , 2006, Tourism in the New Europe: The Challenges and Opportunities of EU Enlargement

    -Bill Bramwell, 2004, Coastal mass tourism: diversification and sustainable development in southern Europe
    -Hall Derek R. 1991, Tourism and economic development in Eastern Europe and the Soviet
    -Biliana Cicin-Sain, Igor Pavlin, Stefano Belfiore 2002, Sustainable Coastal Management: A Transatlantic and Euro-Mediterranean Perspective
    -Mariana Popova 2007, Tourism in Bulgaria : priorities for development
    I will be also using:
    “National strategy for sustainable development of the tourism in Bulgaria 2009-2013”

    Organization of the Black sea economic cooperation
    Thanks for the help 🙂

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