Research question

I am interested in researching about the influence of green urbanism in STD. I first came up with this idea of crossing this two disciplines (sustainable tourism and green urbanism) when I heard about Fano’s policy to avoid overbuilding in the island.

After reading some papers more or less related to the topic I’m making this RQ:  How does ‘green urbanism’ contribute to sustainable tourism development?

This is the structure of the paper so far:

1) Introduction

2) RQ  and methodology

3) Literature review: What is ‘green urbanism’ and what does it have in common with sustainable tourism.

4) Analysis of therole of green urbanism in the different approaches that touristic locations have implemeted towards sustainability.

5) Evaluation

6) Conclusion

7) Future research

8 ) References



-P. Katz (1994)  ” The new urbanism: Toward an architecture of community”

-T. Beatley(1999) “Green urbanism: Learning from European cities”

-Calthorpe,  Fulton,  Fishman (2001) “Regional City : New Urbanism and the End of Sprawl”

-“T. Beatley (1997) “The ecology of place : planning for environment, economy, and community”

-K.Simpson (2001) “Strategic Planning and Community Involvement as Contributors to Sustainable Tourism Development” Current Issues Of Tourism vol 4 nº 1   2001

– R. Dodds (2007) “Sustainable Tourism and Policy Implementation: Lessons from the case of Calviá, Spain” Current Issues Of Tourism vol 10 nº 4 2007.

-N Nasser (2003) “Planning for urban heritaage places: Reconciling conservation, tourism and sustainable development” Journal of Planning Literature vol. 17 nº4  2003.






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  1. Janne Liburd says:

    Interesting focus, where local food could also be an issue. The challenge may be to stay focused on tourism (as opposed to overall SD).

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