Sustainable Development and Animal Protection

Hi everyone, I am coming from Serbia which is still a beginner in the tourism industry. You probably all know where Serbia is, but just a few of you have been there. I sincerely suggest you come and experience something fresh and new in tourism.

From this course I expect to learn basic principles of sustainability and know-how that I can implement in my country. I am especially interested in animal protection which can be related to sustainable tourism development. I think that Denmark has good examples of how animals can be involved in tourism and live in their natural environment at the same time. I really want to explore this area of sustainability because I believe that there is a sustainable option instead, for example, many zoos worldwide where animals live in cages for local people and tourists to be able to look at them. I would like to do some research about the deer park or seal safari here in Esbjerg. Do you know any good example on this subject?


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  1. Karla Duarte says:

    Hi Natasa!
    That’s interesting what you say about zoos and animals in their natural environment. Personally, I am still on the fence about zoos. There is a big one in Calgary (The Calgary Zoo) that is very popular. I went there once and saw a wolf that looked very stressed to be in a cage. However, the Calgary Zoo also employs many people for conservation projects around the world. Most recently, I met a lady in Ghana who had this exact position. She was employed by the zoo to do conservation work in Ghana and she was working on the Wasau Hippo Sanctuary which was meant for conservation and tourist attraction as well. There is also the Mole National Park in Ghana which attracts many tourists to see elephants, etc. but they are in their natural setting. I think that looking at National Parks and animal protection would be a great idea…and fun if you get to visit them personally!

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