Why I chose to study tourism

To begin with, my family has always been very fond of travelling to foreign countries. In my childhood I have visited several countries, including a 3 month trip to Jacksonville, Florida. I have tried different types of vacations, charter trips, ski holiday, activity holiday etc. Many of the places I have visited were highly influenced by tourism and that has always intrigued me. My curiosity made the choice for me, along with the fact that I love to travel, I love to meet new people, and I’m not afraid to talk to strangers and asks about their origins, etc. At the moment I think it is very difficult to directly answer what I expect of the upcoming courses.  The reason I think it is difficult is because we have not really had the right time to go deeper into the subject of tourism. That being said I hope and want to get a deeper view behind the huge industry of tourism. I expect to get a better understanding of how tourism used to work and how it is going to bend and work in the future. Besides all of the academics I hope to make friends with my fellow students and a good network through the school and the possibility of meeting student from foreign countries. Last but definitely not least I hope I can be a part of the tourism industry in the future, I think I have some qualities to offer the tourism business.

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