Why tourism..

The most of my life i have been close to tourism because of my fathers touristcompany and of course i have spend a lot of time helping/working with tourists. I have tryed to go in other directions with my life but i allways end up coming back to tourism, so I guess that is just what I am supposed to do 🙂 I love to travel and discover and learn about other cultures and countries. I have to see everything when I am on a vacation and not just stay at the hotel – rent a car/mc and discover on my own. It is exciting to learn about how people in other countries live their lives and what they think is important in life – their morals and priorities and so on..

My expectations to this course is to gain a throughout knowledge about tourism and to learn and understand tourism. It is interessting how we can make Denmark more attractive to tourists. Maybe sometime in my future career I would like to work abroad.


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  1. Line Bøgelund Sørensen says:

    I share your curiosity concerning getting to learn and understand locals in other countries. I think it’s exiting to discover and be a part of another everyday-life than the one we are familiar with.In this context I also understand the importance of respecting the diversity of cultures, especially in lights of sustainability.

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