In January 2010 I went to live in the USA as an au pair for one year. During this year I could enjoy everything about the american culture. In one of my trips I went to New York city to the show of the Brazilian singer Ivete Sangalo at the Madison Square Garden.

During this show something really got my attention, after it was over, all Brazilian people started singing “Eu sou brasileiro, com muito orgulho, com muito amor”, (I am Brazilian with proud and love), but the thing is I don’t really understand why that happened, maybe that happened because we were in a different country, and because some of that people or maybe most of it like me were out of Brazil for a very long time and like me missing our country.

Something I could see every day in the US is how Americans love and appreciate everything in their country, they embrace their culture, they would do almost everything to keep their country safe and their costumes alive, they defend their country even if for that they have to go to the war, even with they have to fight and give their own lives, they do that with honor.

Brazilians are not the same as americans, sometimes they know how to appreciate a soccer game better than their own country and according to this thinking I would say that maybe Brazilian people need to understand better the value of ethics, because before being able to appreciate one different country and one different culture we need to learn how to be authentic and how to put our culture and costumes in first place in our lives, it is not because you are far from home that you can show your feelings for something that need to be an ideal that starts right were you belong.

by Malu


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