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What is the role of cultural authenticity in indigenous STD? Case of Kapawi Ecolodge and Shiripuno Lodge in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

* NOTE: I might broaden my scope to the larger ethnotourism activity in the area (depending on how much information I can acquire from the ecolodges’ websites and from contacting them)


– The Ecuadorian Amazon and its indigenous communities
– What are ecolodges and what ethnotouristic opportunities do they offer? A look at Kapawi Ecolodge or Shiripuno Lodge as an Example (OR Typology of Ethnotourism in Ecuadorian Amazon and the ethnotouristic opportunities available)
– Cultural Authenticity, The Tourist’s Gaze, and the Commodification of Indigenous Cultures
– Effects of Ethnotourism: In what ways do they contribute (or not contribute) to the sustainable development of the communities?
– Discussion
– Conclusion

Literature Review:

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  1. Janne Liburd says:

    Hi Andrea,
    I would suggest that you rephrase to:
    What is the role of cultural authenticity in indigenous STD. Case of…
    This way you can build literature review around cultural authenticity and STD and then relate to your case study.

  2. Andrea Liamzon says:

    Thank you, Janne! Your suggestion makes a lot of sense.

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