Sex Tourism Etivity

I (name of individual) of (name of tourism organisation), hereby agree to the following rules and guidelines, which aim to ensure that sex tourism is minimised but kept lawful and to eradicate child sexual exploitation.


  1. All members of the organisation will abide by the prostitution laws set by the host destination. This includes supporting any measures in place which aim to eliminate commercial sexual exploitation.
  2. Child sexual exploitation is a criminal act and must be reported. It is the responsibility of any member of staff to report any person who is engaging in child prostitution.
  3. Owners and managers will ensure staff are aware and are trained in the rules and regulations surrounding prostitution in the host country, including procedures put in place by the organisation to respond to illegal sex tourism.
  4.  Only suppliers who hold similar values concerning the ethics of sex tourism will be associated with the organisation, this will be set out in the contract.
  5.  Information concerning sex tourism will be provided to tourists in the form of catalogues, brochures, in-flight films and on the organisation’s websites. Tourists will also be made aware of the repercussions of engaging in illegal sex tourism.
  6.  Information will be communicated to the local community in the form of information evenings and brochures. It is important that the community is educated and aware of illegal sex tourism practices and are aware of how to report any person engaged in these practices.
  7.  This code of conduct and procedures will be reviewed on an annual basis.


Signed: __________________                                                                      Date: _________________


This code of conduct should be signed by owners/managers and individual employees to help ensure this code is enforced.

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  1. Christian Schott says:

    Your code of conduct is thoughfully compiled and highligts many very important points. I particularly like the alliance with orgamnisations that hold similar values.

    In addition to your points about laws relating to prostitution,language that appeals to people’s morality and ethics can also be useful in codes of conduct, as can a few facts about why a certain issue is identified as harmful.

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