Hello, my name is Annica and I am a Principal lecturer at Haaga-Helia, responsible teacher of Qualitative methods, held in spring 2012.

The course is aimed at 3. year Finnish tourism students who are interested in qualitative methods; data collecting and analysis. It is a compulsory course and we will participate on INNOTOUR in the discussions on stereotypes (Finland, Canada and New Zealand). We will post, comment and discuss throughout the months of (latter part of January) and February, and hopefully, we will be able to contribute and learn from each other.

Look forward to a prosperous course and a good co-operation!


2 Responses to “Stereotypes/Haaga-Helia”

  1. Marion Joppe says:

    Hello, Annica,

    Our students (Guelph) have started to post their stereotypes and will post the remaining blogs by Monday. Perhaps you could direct your students to take a look at them.


    • Annica Isacsson says:

      Dear Marion

      thank you Marion!
      I have advised our students to take a look, but can see that there are no replies so far. They are being shy, I suppose. We will work on them jointly on Wednesday (in two days). Then you should receive a lot of response and comments.


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