In our TEFI course today, we listened to Christian’s lecture on Tourism and Climate Change. I think that this topic has been exhausted in a lot of classrooms (especially closer to when “An Inconvenient Truth” came out), but it was interesting to see a 100% tourism perspective. During the lecture, I was asking myself a lot of questions that I thought I would share on here. I would be extremely interested to see other students’ responses on one or more of the questions:

  1. If rising sea levels are such a major, worldwide concern, why is tourism still focused on developing on the coasts? Shouldn’t we perhaps be making an effort to bring tourism more inland? Investing in properties may not be a sustainable business venture, considering that one day it may be underwater. Obviously there is an extremely high demand for beach vacations, but we’ve already established such strong infrastructure on the coast, does anyone think it may be time to move tourism focus further inland?
  2. Why aren’t coastal resorts using sea/ocean water for landscaping and toilets? So much fresh water is wasted on things that we don’t necessarily need fresh water for. Is there a way that tourism destinations can reduce their fresh water usage, without compromising the luxuries travellers demand?
  3. It seems that Canada may be experiencing some positive impacts from global warming. For instance, with this record-high temperature winter we’ve had, Canadians in southern Ontario have rarely needed to turn on the heat – this MUST mean some emissions have been reduced. Additionally, we have seen an increase in travel during our summer months due to our rising temperatures. There are things in Canada that, I can imagine, people want to see but are deterred from the cold weather we are stereotyped by. International students: are your regions experiencing any kind of tourism benefits from climate change?


Well, that’s all for now! I am looking forward to your responses 🙂

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  1. Marjatta Sassila says:

    Hi there!

    I’m a student from HAAGA-HELIA University of Applied Sciences from Finland.
    I think you had a good questions about Tourism and Climate Change. The Climate change seems still to be a subject that has many different views and opinions, and they are argued and things change really slow in this area.

    1. Good question and good point of view about the inland. I think people still don’t believe that the climate change could be so strong. I have a feeling that they don’t take it so serious that it should be taken. And also I think it is going to be a very slow change to move from coasts to inland. We need brave people to do that and take the risk about moving their business to inland.

    2. Fresh water usage should really be reduced! But maybe the problem with sea water is the salt, it may cause a damage to the pipeline. A wild guess…but maybe the sea water need to be cleaned before using it and that takes money and equipment. I think fresh water is kind of like gold, rare and precious.

    3.In Finland the ski centers in south are experiencing tourist loss because of the climate change. There just is not so much snow in the south Finland during winter that is used to be. Te ski centers need to use fake snow and it’s expensive. But in the other hand the summer and fall tourism, like hiking or fishing, experience tourism benefits because their season gets longer while winter season get shorter in south Finland.

  2. Auri Junes says:

    Answer to question number 3.

    Like Marjatta said, there has been difficulties. But also in the other hand, a lot of people in Finnish Lapland are waiting more tourists to come, when in the Alps, in Central Europe, the amount of the snow have been diminishing. The snow amount in Finnish Lapland is still stable.

    Maybe at the moment, southern Finland is having more difficulties because of the climate change than northern Finland.

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