Stereotypes about Canada

Hi everybody!

We are 6 students studying tourism in HAAGA-HELIA University of Applied Sciences and our task was to find out different stereotypes that people have considering Canada. We read an article from the Internet and the stereotypes mentioned were quite similar to what we also had.

One major stereotype is that Canadians hate Americans.  According to the article it is not true at all, in fact  most of the Canadians like Americans quite a bit and love vacationing in their country and watching their television programs. Another thing that we immediately noticed was that there were many similarities in the stereotypes between Finland and Canada, for example the weather. It was said in the article that people often think that it is always cold in Canada, when actually summers there are really warm. The same thing is in Finland and some even believe that there are polar bears here! We also noticed from the article that in reality all the Canadians don’t speak French, even though it is often believed so. Many foreigners think that all us Finns can speak perfect Swedish, but this also isn’t true.

It would be nice to hear others comments about these stereotypes, especially those living in Canada. Is it really true that Canadians and Americans come along well or is there some tensions?

We are looking forward for your replies!

Group Pensselit


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