Re-visualizing the Ljubljana and outskirts project

In order to complete the task – boosting the tourism of Ljubljana and its outskirts – the aim of our work has been defined as creating a new experience for the tourists through developing synergy between the capital and the town called Kamnik that we visited during our stay in Slovenia.

Accordingly, our report will be focusing on two main ideas; creating package deals for the visitors of Slovenia and using blogging as a promotional tool.

As we believe that the current marketing strategy of Ljubljana and Kamnik is rather poor, we are planning to do further researches to explore possible ways to implement an innovative blogging strategy; we might even consider involving the students in Ljubljana to succeed in developing this new concept.

As mentioned previously, the package deals will be made to develop the synergy between the capital and Kamnik. One of the biggest attractions of Kamnik is the former ski resort Velika Planina, which might provide an opening to some entirely new activities, including cultural and social activities. In the mountains, there are some typical local folkloristic huts, which we might use to create a “survival camp package” for both business and leisure tourism.

Important to note that our team is still very open-minded hence the following ideas are being taken into consideration; attracting local families with children by offering children camp and other activities in the mountains, co-developing some of the already existing products by for example making a theme package for sport activities.

Last but not least, we also got a more exotic / extraordinary idea; opening an open-air cinema in the mountains however further researches are needed to classify the pros and cons.

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