Fanø, the way I felt when visited

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  1. Janne Liburd says:

    Please let us know what the accompanying music is and why you chose this piece. Janne

  2. Dimitar Bondev says:

    The music is by Howard Shore and it is called “Concerning Hobbits” from the soundrack of the first part of the trilogy “Lord of the Rings” by Peter Jackson.
    The music is played mainly when shows the idyllic home atmosphere in the Shire of the “hobbits”. So when I visited Fanø I somehow felt as if I am at home and connected it with the music then. But that is only my interpetation (though it could be a good way to advertise it sustainable because every one wants their first home from the childhood untouched). That’s why I say in the end “think of what it reminds you…” 🙂
    I know my blog is pretty short but I have never liked to read a lot of pages and get very little of what I’ve read losing the focus. So I tried to make my work short but thoughts provoking for the reader spotting the main aspects that made impression to me on the island. I know that it might seem to be more like an advertisement of Fanø but I believe that it can also inspire people with new ideas for sustainable development.

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