Mandoe and its sustainable tourism.

When asked if Mandoe should pursue a sustainable tourism development, we should not hesitate in answering yes. Starting with the introduction video, where we watched the history about the place, and how many different events, like floods and storms arrived to cause really important damages in the islands’ inhabitants, I was worried about what I was going to find once we arrive to the actual island.

But once you get in the tractor and it starts going towards the island I started realizing that it is a quiet and a beautiful place. The nature that surrounds the entire island, with its different animals and landscapes, made me feel that I was in a totally different place, not in this stormy and dangerous island.

This contrast, between what have happened in the island and what the tourist finds once he gets to the actual place is, in my opinion, the reason why Mandoe is special. To keep all this alive, it is necessary to follow a sustainable tourism strategic. The way things are being done in Mandoe right now, as far as we could see, seems to be a real good manner to maintain this special and unique space. The trip in the tractor gives the tourist a sight of what has been explained in during the video, how we can reach the island from the continent, and how cannot we delay our way back because of the tide. Once we arrived, these games we played made us be in contact with the nature and know more about the different species in the area.

In order to make this experience more profitable for the potential tourists, and to let them be more conscious about how important is to make this experience durable in the time, more eco-friendly activities could be created, as these we have made during our excursion, and also others seeking other type of tourists, more focus in adventure tourism, for example. These activities will emphasize the difference between a stormy sea and a peaceful sea, and how do we have to respect the nature.

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