Preserving the beauty of Mandoe

I guess that no one could deny the fact that sustainable tourism is more about preserving the natural state of the object than about anything else. This idea did not abandon me while I was digging the sand and intruding into the life of the see habitants at the magnificent Mandoe Island situated in the Wadden Sea.

In my point of view, the main asset of this place is its tranquility, unique beauty of the nature, which still remained untouched by the tourists, and extremely difficult and unusual accessibility. That’s why it has so little resemblance to the other holiday islands packed with tourists and for this reason it becomes even more attractive for the travelers longing for new sensations. While solving the dilemma, if the sustainable tourism should be developed in this area or not, I realized that the major problem, while trying to expand it, would be the question how to keep its main treasure – the naturalness, untouched.

Moreover, there would be some inevitable effect on local people’s lives. As there are just around 30 inhabitants on this island, their daily lives would be affected by the growing number of the tourists coming to the island. This could cause some cultural changes as well as population growth, which could ruin the natural landscape of the National Park.

However, the pros should not be forgotten. Mandoe Island has a lot to offer to those who are eager to get some knowledge about the life of the nature, with the view of the flora and fauna being under protection. Secondly, this could create some extra inflows to the budget of Denmark, while so far this region kept depending on tourism revenue generated from other tourism destinations situated in Denmark. But shouldn’t the sustainable tourism be concerned about the environmental issues instead of giving the priority to economic ones?

The World Tourism Organization defines sustainable tourism as ‘Tourism which meets the needs of present tourists and host regions while protecting and enhancing opportunity for the future’. Therefore, providing the sustainable tourism in going to be developed, there should be some national and international efforts undertaken. Some limitations for the number of tourist entering the area on one day should be determined. Furthermore, local population would have to be encouraged to continue their traditional way of living. I believe that society would lose a lot by not being able to explore this fascinating wonder of Nature. However, we should try to preserve it for future generations.

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